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However, now I like it. It just took me some time to get used to the changes and why the changes were made. Give it a little bit of time.. Just my opinion.

I always keep an open mind and make sure we are using features correctly but it seems like this change causes more steps to create a simple exploded view than as we already had issues with legacy data with the change. So If I am understanding you correctly, I have to manually move every single part in the assembly using the tweak function?

It seems the public has spoken, and hates the change of detracting the presentation files’ most used tool. In this video is a rough alternative of getting an exploded view through A sharing, still not close to ideal: Although, I understand why Autodesk might have removed the explode tool, if the intent is to obsolete and discontinue presentation files IPNs in favor of 3D PDFs and A Inventor Forum. Share your knowledge, ask questions, and explore popular Inventor topics.

Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Storyboards include animations of the model and camera. Use storyboards to create videos, or to store settings for individual snapshot views or a sequence of snapshot views in editable form. The Storyboard can be undocked and moved anywhere there is screen real estate available or docked to another monitor.

It can be expanded and collapsed. Tweaks and actions can be Instant or Duration. Instant actions are finished immediately. Duration actions are a timed transition during which the action takes place.

Create snapshot views to save views of a model in the IPN file. Each snapshot view stores specific component positions, visibility, opacity, and camera position. A snapshot view can be independent or linked to the animation timeline.

Independent snapshot views are fully editable. Snapshot views linked to the animation timeline are connected to a storyboard, and their editing is limited. Both independent and linked snapshot views are listed in the Snapshot Views panel. A mark in the bottom right corner of the thumbnail image indicates that a snapshot view is linked to a storyboard.

A snapshot view mark on the storyboard timeline denotes position of the linked snapshot view. When you select a snapshot view in the Snapshot View panel, the corresponding snapshot view mark is highlighted in the storyboard. You can select a different design view representation for each presentation scene to get different model and camera settings. Alternatively, you can use the default design view representation, and create snapshot views in the IPN file to store specific component visibility and camera settings.

Design View Representations You can change the design view representation or associativity setting for an existing scene. Storyboards The Storyboard panel lists all storyboards saved in the presentation file. An animation consists of tweaks and actions recorded on a storyboard timeline.

We also thank you for your continued business and for the feedback regarding the content of this update release. Autodesk Inventor View standalone Build Notes About Installation. Installation Requirements. Installation Instructions.


Autodesk Inventor View | Inventor | Autodesk Knowledge Network.

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