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Award-winning Autodesk Maya software is a toolof choice for those in the film, television, game development, anddesign industries who desire a high-level of control over their 3Dcontent workflows and pipelines.

Artists and designers select Maya because of its intuitive userinterface, which facilitates customization and fine-tuning ofeffective workflows, and technicians technical directors andprogrammers choose Maya for its reliability, open architecture,wide range of supported platforms, and the ease with which it canbe incorporated into any existing or new production pipeline.

Productivity-Enhancing Workflows Get unmatched productivity through a combination of performance andworkflow features, including marking menus, 3D manipulators,selective display, brush-based tools, selection management tools,and unlimited levels of undo.

Advanced data and scene managementfunctionality give you the flexibility to work the way youwant. The polygonworkflow tools, including advanced selection functionality,attribute transfer tools, an interactive UV layout /16449.txt unfoldingmode, and optimization tools have also been designed to promoteefficiency.

Powerful Animation Functionality Animate characters and other scene elements with a comprehensiverange of specialized keyframe, nonlinear, and advanced characteranimation editing toolsets, including animation layers, graph anddope sheet editors, constraints, expressions, a nonlinear animationdata editor, full-body inverse kinematics IK system, skinningfunctionality, and Maya Muscle.

Mayasoftware delivers dynamic interaction of autodesk maya 2014 sp3 x64 – xforce free download and soft bodiesdetermined by physical rules, along with the state-of-the-artvisual-effects technology of Maya nCloth, Maya nParticles, MayaFluid Effects, Maya Fur, Maya Hair, and more. Flexible Rendering With Maya, you get the freedom to choose the right renderer andrendering pipeline for your project. A unified user interface andworkflow provide easy and consistent access to the Maya hardwareand vector renderers as well as the powerful mental ray for Mayaand посетить страницу ray for Maya network rendering Satellite options.

Youcan also use the Render Layers and the Render Pass tools to createan efficient workflow from Maya to Autodesk Toxik software andother compositing packages. The fully integrated MayaEmbedded Language MEL and Python scripting languages give youhigh-level access to every aspect of the software so you can createcustom windows, reconfigure the user interface, and issue commandsfrom an HTML page. Maya Читать Interface — Maximize yourproductivity: — Get unmatched productivity through a combination of performanceand workflow features, including marking menus, 3D manipulators,selective display, stereo display, selection management tools, andunlimited levels of undo.

Data and Scene Management Tools: Dependency graph architecture and scene segmentation tools boostproductivity and workflow flexibility: — Fully autodesk maya 2014 sp3 x64 – xforce free download and animatable construction history allows forextensive modification of modeled data—no need to rebuildmodels.

Polygon Modeling: — Maya provides a full complement of sophisticated polygon modelingtools and UV editing tools. Optimization Tools: — Polygon reduction, data cleanup, blind data tagging, andlevel-of-detail tools enable artists to optimize scenes forinteractive display. Precise Spline-Based Curve and Surface ConstructionTools: — Includes lofting, birail, beveling, extrusion, trim, boundary,offset, Booleans, rounding, square, and many other tools.

Surface Editing and Stitching: — Surfaces can be attached, detached, aligned, stitched together,extended, filleted, or rebuilt with a high degree of control overparameterization and continuity. Subdivision Surface and Polygon ProxyModeling: — Get access to a wide range of versatile subdivision surfacetools. Subdiv Proxy: — Rapid construction of high-resolution polygon meshes allowsartists to preview smoothed mesh while editing the mesh cage.

Hierarchical Subdivision Surfaces: — A distinctive hierarchical approach for local refinement allowsartists to begin modeling with a simple object and selectivelygenerate increasing levels of detail only where needed. General Animation: — Maya delivers a broad range of specialized tools for keyframe andprocedural animation. Playback speed can be clamped to implementaccurate frame rate. General Keyframing: — Fast and intuitive controls for keyframing—including cut, copy,and paste—allow animations to be created with ease.

Path Animation: — Animation of an object along a curve or surface with automaticbank, roll, and yaw. Animation Curve Representation: — A choice of Euler and quaternion math options provide accurateresults in all situations. Graph and Dope Sheet Editors: — Powerful, precise function curves to control how animatedattributes change over time. Generalized Constraints: — A comprehensive assortment of constraints, including parent,point, aim, orient with animatable offsetsas well as scale,geometry, normal, tangent, and pole vector.

Blend Channels: — Multiple animation channels can be mixed with each other, or withconstraints, into a single result. Procedural Animation: — Maya Embedded Language MEL procedures and expressions can beused to create complex animation as an alternative to посмотреть больше. Animation Layering: — Nondestructive, highly controllable animation layering featureset works with any attribute. Animation layers can be blended,merged, grouped, and reordered, and can override or add topreceding layers.

Set Driven Key: — Complex relationships between animated parameters can bekeyframed with this powerful and intuitive tool. Multipleattributes can be controlled with a single slider. Trax Nonlinear Animation: — Nondestructive нажмите чтобы прочитать больше and editing of poses and animation clips including constraints and expressions with total control autodesk maya 2014 sp3 x64 – xforce free download allaspects of motion blending.

Animation and Dynamics Muting: — Animation on selected channels or keyframes may be temporarilydisabled to focus on a specific motion. Ghosting: — Animation can be viewed prior to, and after, the current frame,so you can evaluate motion.

Geometry Caching: — Deformations on polygon, NURBS including curvesandsubdivision surface geometry can be cached for faster playback andrendering of scenes, as well as for transfer to other 3D packagessuch as Autodesk 3ds Max software.

Character Animation: — Maya gives you the tools you need to animate sophisticateddigital characters. Skeletons and Inverse Kinematics IK autodesk maya 2014 sp3 x64 – xforce free download — Seven built-in IK solvers reduce the time it takes to createhigh-quality character animation; attributes include joint limits,preferred angles, and joint mirroring.

Skinning: — Precise control of skin behavior, even in the most challengingareas such as shoulders. Motion Capture with Dense Data Editing andResampling: — Motion capture data can be easily incorporated into andmanipulated inside Maya. Motion Retargeting: — Motion capture, or other animation data, applied to one charactercan be reapplied to an entirely different character, even one witha different skeletal hierarchy. Motion Redirection: — Original direction of existing motion capture, or other animationdata, can be changed at any point in time.

Muscle and Skin System: — Maya Muscle — Maya delivers advanced muscle and skin deformationtools that allow you to quickly and easily create realistic orhighly stylized muscle and skin motion. Jiggle: — Highly controllable, built-in Jiggle deformation. Wrinkles: — The behavior of the skin when relaxed can be precisely defined,enabling the creation of life-like wrinkling in specific areas.

Sliding and Stickiness: — Precise control over the behavior of the skin on top of themuscle can be achieved by painting weight maps for both Sliding andStickiness. Collisions: — A choice of different collision methods makes it possible tocreate the effect of skin colliding with skin and of one meshcolliding with another.

Deformation Tools: — Can be used statically for modeling and sculpting. Rigid and Soft Autodesk maya 2014 sp3 x64 – xforce free download Dynamics: — Create effects through the dynamic interaction of geometry,including collisions between rigid and soft bodies. Rigid-Body Dynamics: — Realistic, high-speed simulation of multiple rigid objects. Soft-Body Dynamics: — Accurate, fast simulation of flexible objects allows for therapid creation of secondary motion effects, such as muscle jiggleand floppy hats.

Particles and Fields: — Fully integrated particle effects can be посетить страницу источник by forcesbased on real-world physics or by deformers. Extensible Integrated Particle System: — Fully integrated, with expression-based control over particleattributes, motion, and dynamics. Volume Controls and Emitters: — Intuitive control of particles via geometric shapes makes iteasier to place particles where and when you want them.

Field Controls: — Field forces—such as gravity, vortex, air, and turbulence—can beapplied to rigid bodies, soft bodies, or particle objects. Maya Paint Effects: — Maya provides groundbreaking paint technology for creatingamazing natural detail on 2D images including textures autodesk maya 2014 sp3 x64 – xforce free download 3Dobjects attached to polygonal and NURBS surfaces. Ссылка на страницу Painting Techniques: — Can be used to create animatable effects, such as plants growing,unfurling, or swaying in the wind.

Maya Paint Effects Brushes: — More than editable, pressure-sensitive, preset brushescompletely integrated within the Maya application. Brush Attributes: — All brushes can be used in true 3D space to paint on or between3D objects in a sceneon a 2D canvas to create images andtexturesor within the 3D Paint tool to create textures bypainting directly on the model.

Paint Effects Rendering: — Strokes can be drawn fully rendered during interactive painting,providing immediate feedback. Maya Artisan: — Maya gives you a suite of integrated, pressure-sensitive brushtools with built-in mirroring. Paint Selection: — Complex selections of components, such as vertices, faces, andedges, can be made without selecting through to the back of themodel. Attribute and Script Painting: — Editing smooth skin or soft-body goal weights, autodesk maya 2014 sp3 x64 – xforce free download pervertex color or blind data, adding geometry to the scene, and othercomplex tasks can be quickly performed.

Multiple Rendering Options: — Multiple renderers, tightly integrated through a consistentrendering interface, let you create any look from photo-realisticimagery to a simple vector graphic. Maya Software Renderer: — Hybrid design uses fast, selective raytracing for maximumefficiency. Pre-translated data is loaded onlywhen required for rendering.

Hardware Renderer: — Takes advantage of the ever-increasing power of next-generationgraphics cards. Vector Renderer: — Can be used to autodesk maya 2014 sp3 x64 – xforce free download 3D content into 2D content for the web orprint.

Rendering Controls and Effects: — These по этому адресу tools help you set up and evaluate your по ссылке orcreate popular stylized effects. Stereo 3D Support: — A flexible stereo camera rig comes complete with in-viewportstereo viewing. IPR Interactive Photorealistic Rendering : — Instantaneous editing of color, texture, lights, shadows, glows,motion blur, and many other effects in final-rendered-qualityimagery.

HyperShade and Visor: — Can be used посетить страницу design and edit simple to complex shadingnetworks. Universal Rendering: — Includes the ability to render on an unlimited number ofnetworked machines of the same operating system mental rayexcepted. Transfer Maps: — Artists can transfer normal, displacement, diffuse, shaded,ambient occlusion, and custom mental autodesk maya 2014 sp3 x64 – xforce free download shader источник статьи betweenmodels of differing topologies.

Integrated Scripting: — Two fully integrated scripting languages let script writers andprogrammers customize, extend, or manipulate Maya. MEL: — Offers full scripting of any Maya feature. Everything can beaccessed. Scripts can berecognized by an external web browser via the Maya web browserplug-in. Japanese Localization: — Artists have the option to navigate Maya, or customize theirtools and user interface, using a Japanese UI.

Connectivity and Integration: — Maya delivers tools for integrating Maya content into theproduction pipeline. Adobe Photoshop Integration: — Artists can create shading networks with connections to layerssets in a PSD file and include procedural or 3D painted textures asstarting points and UV layouts for reference.

Render Layers: — Allows multiple passes from any of autodesk maya 2014 sp3 x64 – xforce free download four Maya renderers, aswell as post processes, such as Нажмите чтобы узнать больше Fur and Maya Paint Effects, tobe managed in a single scene. Render Pass: — Render Pass toolset offers precise control over render output andcan optimize integration with compositing packages, such asAutodesk Toxik. Adobe Illustrator Object Nodes: — Supports both beveling and curves.

Web Integration: — Support for communication between Maya autodesk maya 2014 sp3 x64 – xforce free download Internet Страница aswell as Mozilla-based web browsers allows technical users to createweb pages, which may be used to drive Maya.

CAD Data Transfer: all types games for pc Learn how you can share your design files between Maya softwareand the most popular solid modelers. Character Animation: — Maya gives you the tools you need to animate sophisticateddigital characters Skeletons and Inverse Kinematics IK : — Seven built-in IK solvers reduce the time it takes to createhigh-quality character animation; attributes include joint limits,preferred angles, and joint mirroring.

Performance: — Muscle calculations can be cached for faster playback. Deformers: — Manipulate geometry or particles into any desired shape Deformation Tools: — Can be used statically for modeling and sculpting. Compositing Integration: Render Layers: — Allows multiple passes from any of the four Maya renderers, aswell as post processes, such as Maya Fur and Maya Paint Effects, tobe managed in a single scene.



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