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DisableAntiSpyware 6. Your email address will not be published. You may not have enough ram, or you may want the processor to focus on some specific task rather than waste resources on scanning your computer. Are there really programs on the normal user level that protect against stupidity though? It’s designed to protect you from malware turning off important security protections. I never have had to install 3rd party antivirus or internet security software for more than 8 yrs.

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It’s not convenient not have an antivirus , but if you want to deactivate Windows Defender, you are already taking time.

If you want to disable the notifications of this program, come over here. The content of the article adheres to our principles of editorial ethics. To report an error click here! In this case, you might want to disable Windows Defender temporarily. There are numerous third-party antivirus programs on the market that can be used in place of Windows Defender. One benefit of installing a third-party antivirus is that it gives you more security and control over it.

You can disable it at any time and re-enable it again. You may also want to disable Windows Defender in Windows 10 as it utilizes a lot of resources when it runs in the background. You may not have enough ram, or you may want the processor to focus on some specific task rather than waste resources on scanning your computer. Whatever your reason may be, Microsoft Windows Defender in Windows 10 is still a valuable resource. Something is better than nothing, meaning your computer is much more prone to being infected while using it with the Defender disabled.

The Defender antivirus does not have a disable or uninstall option anywhere. Keep in mind that when Windows Defender disable, the security of your computer will be at risk of malware attacks.

Windows Defender can still be disabled on Windows 10 through settings, registry, and through group policy. This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to disable Windows Defender.

All of the operations are going to be done through settings. Just follow these steps:. On the Start menu, locate and click on Open Settings by clicking on the gear-shaped icon on the left panel.

Windows Settings will open up. It will be the last option. Real time protection will be the first option in front of you. Under real time protection, click on the blue ON switch. Windows will prompt you if you want to make the change.

Click on Yes. Anytime you can follow steps 1 to 7 and again click on the Off button to re-enable real time protection. The benefit of turning off real time protection through virus threat protection settings is convenience and speed. You can quickly turn it off and then again on. One thing to keep in mind is that when you restart your computer, Windows Defender will automatically be turned on. By disabling real time protection, you can install your desired application or software which you previously could not, but your security will be at risk.

You can also make your desired system changes. This is not a permanent solution, but it is the fastest solution through virus threat protection settings. This is a bit of lengthy process to disable Windows Defender: Follow these steps to permanently disable Windows Defender through Registry. Click on yes when prompted by Windows.

The registry editor will open. You need to locate to Microsoft Defenders location, by expanding the following:. After you’ve confirmed that the new antivirus is working properly, reboot to make sure it’s taken full effect. From there, open the Windows Security app again, then click the Settings gear at the bottom of the left sidebar. On the Settings page, you’ll see a Security providers section.

Click Manage providers to see all the available security apps installed on your computer. You should see the name of your third-party antivirus here and can confirm it’s turned on.

You’ll see that Microsoft Defender Antivirus is turned off if everything worked properly. If you want to turn off Windows Defender for good without installing another antivirus app, you can use another method. Keep in mind that we do not recommend doing this, as it leaves your PC without any antivirus protection. You should only do this if you have a specific problem with Microsoft Defender that you need to fix.

The primary way to do this is through the Group Policy Editor, which is normally only available in Windows 10 Pro. However, before you change a Group Policy option to disable Windows Defender, you need to make sure you have Tamper Protection turned off.

This is a feature of Windows Defender that prevents outside apps from making changes to it. It’s designed to protect you from malware turning off important security protections. But in this case, you need to disable it yourself, or the tweak won’t take effect properly. Scroll down to Tamper Protection and turn the slider off if it’s enabled. For every feature that makes Windows 10 awesome , there are a handful of other features that will turn you away from it altogether. Seriously, we’re not kidding.

There are so many annoying issues in Windows 10 and it’s amazing how little Microsoft seems to care. One of the bigger complaints is that Windows Defender can’t be disabled if you have Windows 10 Home.


Windows 10 home windows defender disable free.[SOLVED] Windows Defender Not Turning on in Windows 11/10/8/7 [MiniTool Tips]


Then, go to find the following path:. Next, click OK. If you want to revert the changes, please repeat the above steps, but on step 3, you need to right-click the DisableAntiSpyware key to delete it. Now, you should know how to diable or turn off Windows Defender using different ways.

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So, we recommend backing up your computer in advance. Note: There are three ways to disable Windows Defender Antivirus on Windows 10, but we strongly suggest using a computer under the protection of anti-malware software. How do I turn off Windows Defender in Windows 10? How do I permanently disable Windows Defender in Windows 10?

Then follow the steps. Block potentially unwanted applications with Windows Defender Antivirus – Windows security. Secure Online Payment We value your privacy and protect your financial and personal data, support several safe methods of payment. Follow us Get Our Newsletter.

Maybe, but it is still like allowing a fox to guard hens. Works fine for me now for over 3 years. No viruses, malware, etc. Of course I’m a safe informed surfer too. Anything should be a combination of the user and anti-virus. Like the fox guarding the hen house. It is only because you know I am right. After the dirty deeds Ms have done over the last year or so, I find it even harder to trust MS.

I do not trust Android either, but at least I know what I signed up for when I got my phone and I do not do anything that important on my phone.

Totally the wrong analogy in my opinion. The fox wants to break the hen house. I don’t see why MS wants to do the same Maybe I’m missing something!? I have been using it for years in conjunction with Malware bytes. Perfectly happy. This is a really good combo. In my case, disabling Windows Defender and its Antimalware Executable proces, which was devouring my memory most of the time, has shortened up Android Studio startup time from one minute to like seconds.

Windows Defender and windows firewall work great as long as you are smart about what you click on on the web. For those users that click on everything and don’t know the difference between an official website and a fake one then those people need third party virus protection. I suggest Avira its light, clean, and offers good protection. Yeah you may be right. But I don’t think I need one.

I update Windows Defender regularly. Are there really programs on the normal user level that protect against stupidity though? I realize they might catch most stuff, but some of the more sophisticated ones have to slip through if you are clicking on everything on the net. Your statement is only partially correct. Nowadays you can get viruses, malware and ransomware even visiting legitimate websites when they get hacked e.

As long as you run sandboxie, you can even intentionally run viruses and they will be contained. You pay once, so no subscription fee, and it doesn’t use much system resources since it’s not active in the background. It’s not compatible with Edge though. Yea I want to amend my position on this over the last two years and with indepth demos from MS I will definitely say Windows Defender is all you need. MS has really swung for the fences with this product and with the power of their cloud behind it I would say hands down it’s the best AV out there no matter what type of user you are.

I love it. I have been using only wd on my laptop nd install programs from trusted publishers only and no issues till date. Loving it. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android.

Many don’t know about Windows Defender abilities. They need something showy like plastic coated with nickel. I agree but it can get annoying for «expert» users-an AV is not really necessary, unless its a laptop you carry everywhere and let people interact with it in some way.

I used to feel this way, but I don’t believe is true anymore. Even legitimate websites can transmit viruses if their side isn’t protected well.

It scans periodically the hard drive, it’s perfectly normal. Do you have a slow and old mechanical hard drive? If yes, I suggest to upgrade to SSD. I started using Windows defender since it came out, I never have any issue with it.

I use SEP Yes since Windows 7 Microsoft essentials till today only msft protection for my PC and its sufficient for me. I accept Defender only as an additional safety instrument. In most tests and comparisons you find it at the end of the field so I use another programme.

You can be super-smart, full of common sense but that doesn’t mean you will never press a bad link or get an infected usb-stick. I absolutely cannot understand how people can call it «the best». Is there any proof like the tests I mentioned who all tell the opposite? I pair Defender with an ad block like adfender. Works like a charm so far! I would like to turn off defender summary notifications when it does not need my attention. Microsoft forces us to even here sound even when it does not need my attention.

I have been using Windows defender for a couple years in place of Norton, and still haven’t had any virus. Yep, combined with Malwarebytes free as an on demand scanner and CCleaner is all you need if you are cautious. I don’t know if I only just started to notice it, or if the updated changed the behavior but Windows Defender appears to have a pretty big performance impact when I am working with file operations that involve thousands of files or at least hundreds of files on a magnetic hard drive.

When I temporarily disable it, the operations happen a lot faster but before I didn’t notice this. Has it started scanning more thoroughly? Depends on the type of scan you select. In my use it has always yielded power to any app or program that I am currently working with. So, follow the instructions to restart necessary services, and here we will show you enabling Security Center service. Step 1: Click Win and R keys on your keyboard to launch the Run box.

Step 2: Input services. Step 3: In the Services interface, search for Security Center service and right-click on it to choose the Restart option. Once this service is restarted, you can check if the issue -Windows Defender not starting is solved. So, you can perform an SFC Scan. SFC, known as System File Checker, is a utility in Windows that allows you to scan for corruptions in Windows system files and restore them.

How to scan your system files and repair missing or corrupted files? Here are the steps. Then, this utility will begin a system scan. To do that, follow the guide:. Similarly, this scan will take some time, just wait and don’t interrupt it. An outdated Windows operating system may cause the issue of Windows Defender not turning on. Some users reported that they had been able to fix the issue simply by installing the latest Windows update – latest signature updates are necessary for Windows Defender to keep your PC secure.

You must be eager to know the way to recover lost files after Windows update if you find needed files disappeared after the update. Free Download. Then go to Destination to choose the place where you need to save the backup.

Step 3: After finishing all the selections, click Back up Now button to start the backup operation. In addition, you can take full advantage of the Sync feature to synchronize your important files. Now, it is time for you to install the latest Windows operating system. How to perform a Windows update? Here is the guide:. Step 2: Click Check for updates. If there are available updates, install them and restart your PC.