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The CPG team has put together our grading standards based upon market standards in the hobby as well as included extensive research into CGC grading. The нажмите сюда reason to grade a comic is that there is a direct correlation between the condition of the comic and the value /71139.txt the book.

The higher the grade of a comic book the higher the value. To grade a comic, you need to take in to consideration a number of /18070.txt before being able to assess the correct comic book collector grading free download. One of the most important factors is first to читать далее the interior pages. An incomplete book missing pages will have significantly less value then a complete counterpart.

There are also a wide variety of possible other defects to the interior of a comic book. These can include missing pieces of pages, clipped coupons, tears, tape, glue, loose centerfold pages, insect damage, among other defects. Also, very important is the quality of the paper commonly referred to as «page quality». The deterioration of the quality of the pages is due to aging and or incorrect storage. This can include pages color changing from its original color of white to cream colored pages or as severely degraded as tan pages with brittleness.

The most desired are books with white pages. Most collectors will accept any page quality except for books with slightly brittle or brittle pages in a collectible comic.

When initially ссылка на продолжение at a comic book the first thing one will notice is the cover of the book. The cover of a comic is what typically takes the most comic book collector grading free download. Any amount of wear to the cover of the book must be factored into the condition and grading of the comic.

This can include abrasions, tears, creases, bent corners, spine splits, chips, tape, glue, as well as a multitude of other types of wear we will cover in the grades noted below.

You will comic book collector grading free download that tape is considered a defect and not restoration. This has been considered a hobby standard for a long time we at CPG do not recommend using any non-archival tape on comics.

It’s important to remember that the condition of the comic is just one of several key factors when buying, selling, or trading comics. Rarity is one significant factor which can affect the value of a comic.

How unusual or how easily replaced the comic might be. Collectors will be typically less inclined to part with a rare book easily.

While rarity can significantly affect a book in a positive manner it is not the only factor in helping to assess value. If a rare book is not in demand within the comic collecting community no amount of this factor will help support the value of the book on its own. Marketability is the demand for the book and also is their potential buyers interested in your comic? Comics with classic covers, first appearances, noted artists, and other types of strong interest from the collectors market will have more marketability then a common book that has no historical significance.

The Internet has changed the marketability of books in the comic book market. Prior to the internet collectors had to purchase their comics either directly from comic dealers at conventions, retail stores, through private transactions, or through mail-order catalogs. In some нажмите для продолжения comics that were once viewed as scarce or rare on a local level are now more readily available via the internet.

Today, online comic auctions and consignment sites allow comics to be offered and have a more significant presence with a larger pool of potential buyers. Note that the marketability of any comic book can change based on time, the popularity of the character or characters, collector demand, etc. Restoration is the treatment that returns a comic book to a known or assumed state through the addition of non-original material for aesthetic enhancement.

For more information on restoration click here. The best possible existing condition of a comic book. A near perfect book. It is very rare especially in older comic books pre to discover a comic in either Mint or Gem Mint condition. Books in this condition pre посетить страницу virtually non-existent.

An extremely exceptional comic with only very minute printing or comic book collector grading free download defects. The comic book collector grading free download cover is flat and without surface wear. No autographs or writing is allowed on either the cover or interior pages. Cover inks are exceptionally bright with high gloss. The books corners are perfectly square comic book collector grading free download sharp.

Interior pages must be white in color and supple to the touch. Comic book collector grading free download comic is definitely a well-read copy, but can still be a very desirable copy. Good is comic book collector grading free download a misnomer, but represents a comic that is still readable with numerous defects. This book has seen much better days and tends comic book collector grading free download be heavily worn and tattered.

It has major defects to the point that there is almost no collector value. This designation is only used for the purpose of authentication. Numerous collectors and comic fans will purchase coverless comics to either read or to obtain a filler copy of a здесь for their collection.

Coverless books will typically sell for a percentage вот ссылка the good condition value. Rare and key comic books that are coverless in many cases may sell for a percentage of guide value depending on the specific comic title and issue number.

Typically lower then the. CPG has researched the definitions and terminology used in our hobby and determined that CGC’s standards on restoration are the most concise and the mainstay of the hobby. With the permission of CGC we are using their standards. Repairing comic books has been around in our hobby since the first comics were sold to the public.

It is natural for people to want their books to look as new as possible or to remain intact so that they can continue to be read. Early in fandom history, simple and crude repairs were performed by the owner of the comic for these reasons. For example, a couple of pieces of tape were used to hold on the cover, a dab of Dad’s wood glue was used to close a comic book collector grading free download, some crayon made the cover look better, etc.

As the hobby grew and comics became more expensive, the need to define and describe various repairs became apparent. Some repairs remained acceptable to collectors and were нажмите для деталей such as tape. Most repairs, however, were defined as restoration. Restoration can be broken down into two main types: treatments intended to prolong the existence of the comic book and treatments done for aesthetics. Both types of restoration involve the introduction of non-original material to create or facilitate a desired effect.

Color touch. Using pigment to hide color flecks, color flakes, and larger areas of missing color. Examples of pigments may include paint acrylic, oil, watercolor, etc. Color touch is sometimes called inpainting.

Pieces added piece replacement. Added pieces to replace areas comic book collector grading free download missing paper. Piece replacement material can узнать больше non-original paper such as wood or cotton fiber papers, married from a donor comic book, or color-copied pieces. This process is sometimes called infilling. Tear seals. Sealing a tear using an adhesive. An adhesive may be cellulose, chemical, or protein-based glues as well as anything that acts as an adhesive, such as saliva.

Spine split seals. Sealing a spine split using adhesive adhesives are described above under «tear seals». A process by which a weak or split page or cover is reinforced with adhesive and reinforcement paper. Reinforcement papers are commonly wood or cotton fiber papers. Посетить страницу lightened. An aqueous process to lighten the paper color or remove soluble acids, often using chemical oxidation, solvents, or water.

Common chemicals used to lighten paper include benzene, acetone, xylene, sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide, chloramine-T, chlorine dioxide, sodium borohydrate, etc. Non-additive processes such as dry cleaning non-aqueous removal of dirt, soot, or other non-original surface materialpressing removal or reduction of bends and creasesand tape removal, are not considered restoration by CPG.

In accordance with hobby standards, the addition of tape is not considered restoration but sellers should always note tape to potential buyers. While we believe that tape should never be used on a comic book for any reason, our hobby has accepted that people used tape to keep comic books from falling apart. This measure was taken even before comics became collectibles. Comic book collector grading free download the early days of fandom, some sellers stated that tape was not a defect and some collectors even accepted tape on mid grades.

CPG downgrades for tape, as we consider it a defect no matter why or when it was added. Restoration has become a controversial issue in the comic book hobby because it is not always disclosed by sellersbut can dramatically affect the value of a comic book.

In some cases, restoration is not readily detectible to novices or inpiduals lacking expertise in restoration detection. Even experienced hobbyists miss restoration when grading comic books. CPG would like to thank CGC for the use of their standards regarding restoration and their definition of restoration. This is close to mint with some minor defect. A slight stress line by the staples. The staples themselves are generally centered clean with no rust. Maybe здесь of the color has chipped or flaked off the cover.

And again, the cover is flat with no surface wear; inks are bright with high reflectivity and very little fading. And those tricky corners are cut square and sharp with ever so slight blunting permitted. You can tell that this comic has been stored properly and looks as new as the day it was printed.



Comic book collector grading free download –


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