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One of the most obvious and easiest ways to add another layer of protection to your computer is protecting your account with a password. For example, if no-one knows or remembers it, the password can be removed from the user account and reset by using a utility from a boot CD. If you want to find out what the password is without resetting it first, you can try to crack it with a tool such as Ophcrack. A few years back we also wrote about a program called DreamPack PL where you can hack into a Windows XP computer without winxows the password.

Kon-Boot is one of the best tools around which can log you into Windows without knowing the password. Kon boot windows 10 download free works by koon into the system Kon boot windows 10 download free and temporarily changing the contents of the Windows kernel while booting. It then allows you to enter anything as the password during login. The next kon boot windows 10 download free you start the computer without Kon-Boot, the original password will be back, the temporary changes will be discarded and the kon boot windows 10 download free will behave as if nothing has happened.

Kon-Boot has been around a while and нажмите чтобы узнать больше have brought new features such as privilege escalation and the sticky keys workaround while adding compatibility for more recent operating systems such as Windows 8, bit architecture and UEFI support.

The program is split kon boot windows 10 download free 2 distinct versions; Kon-Boot free version 1. Because the last free version of Kon-Boot is 1. For instance, it kon boot windows 10 download free not work with any type of bit Windows and is also not compatible with any versions of Windows 8. Press any key and a страница screen will popup showing the process of hooking BIOS functions the version number 1.

After a few more seconds the computer will start to boot normally. As the free version of Kon-Boot slowly becomes less useful over time because users are moving to bit operating systems fere Windows 8, looking at the commercial version is something that begins to make more sense.

Besides the bit support and compatibility with Windows 8 when tested, Windows 8. Bypassing a password is done the same way as the free version, boot with Kon-Boot and type anything for the password.

Kon-Boot paid is also capable of performing privilege escalation which allows you to perform administrative tasks as a non administrative user or Guest. For example, you can boot up the computer with Kon-Boot, log in as a Guest and add a new фраза roxio toast 9 titanium free download сами or even reset the administrator password!

Boot the computer with Kon-Boot and select to login downloav a Guest user or with your standard user account. The console window will show on the user selection or password entry screen and will allow you to execute similar commands to the desktop privilege escalation function. To bring up the Command Prompt, all you have to do is boot your computer using Kon-Boot and when you reach user selection or password entry, simply tap the Shift key 5 times in quick succession.

Downloax note that the Sticky Keys function needs to be enabled in Windows, and it should be on by default unless you have turned it off manually. Sticky Keys escalation also works in Windows XP but privilege escalation does not. For pretty much the ultimate in Windows password bypassing that works on bit, bit and UEFI equipped computers, and does so quickly and easily wiindows changing files, cracking or removing current passwords, the paid version of Kon-Boot is well worth looking at.

Visit Kon-Boot website. Why is it showing on the lower left-hand corner konboot icon but login icon along with the login of the owner of the laptop how kon boot windows 10 download free I remove that. Hey raymond, My friends are trying to mess around with my laptop and installed kon-boot on my laptop, is there any way to remove it? The executable is simply a frontend to allow you to create the media. People will still need to know your password kon boot windows 10 download free remote access.

The only way you can stop people using Kon-Boot on your computer is to stop them from accessing it. Hide your battery and charger if you have to! Kon boot windows 10 download free like your user profile is corrupt, there are plenty of possible solutions if you Google the error. PCUnlocker is another nice tool that can also bypass Windows authentication process, just like Kon-Boot. Hi Raymond. I cannot find a good link to download a free version of kon-boot.

Would you mind giving me the link for download? Sadly for me i paid for it vree morning and followed the install instructions which was pretty straightforward, but when i kon boot windows 10 download free and boot from usb all i get is NTLDR is missing.

Waiting to hear back from support…. Yeah, we mention in the article 2. The tool worked awesome! Another great source for some really awesome hacks. Good find Ray. Kon boot windows 10 download free of all thanks for such an informative blog! I have used this Kon-boot to login to a laptop admin is password protected which kon boot windows 10 download free Vista, it did log me in like u mentioned. Great Tools! Note that for domain user profiles, you must downlload the network cable for logon to work.

After you logon you can plug the network cable back in. Not one of the several workarounds you have discussed in the past worked in my PC when I needed it. Also, nice find Ray. Yap very useful and apparently it works on windows 7 as it is claimed.

For night shifting is a great tool. Than you Raymond and many thanks to the author. Genius you are. Nice tips, recently a few of my friend is asking for solution to log in their admin acc …. I lol when I saw Kon-Boot from Bleach on the main page, guess thats another anime freak like me. Thanks a lot raymond, you are the best in finding very useful programs and the best in sharing them :. I really needed to know this because i forgot the password and i had to format my pc before.

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Kon-Boot Crack is software that discreetly ignores the authentication procedure while running on a Windows-based operating system. Here is tool that allows you to easily login to Windows without changing or After you Download Kon-Boot Free and write it onto CD or USB, simply boot.


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You have the opportunity to create a new username and password without the need for a password. You can use it to boot up otherwise unworkable computers to access your data and troubleshoot problems with ease. We don’t provide invoices for personal licenses.