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May 6, PM in response to cintra2 In response to cintra2. May 6, PM. May 7, PM in response to cintra2 In response to cintra2. May 7, PM. Question: Q: Accept incoming network connection? More Less. Community Get Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: crndavid3 crndavid3. Question: Q: Question: Q: Accept incoming network connection?

For some reason, every time i open ichat now i receive this message: Do you want the application «iChat. Each time it happens, i choose allow, and it still does nothing to stop it Anyone else getting this and know how to fix it? Reply I have this question too 28 I have this question too Me too 28 Me too. View answer in context. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post.

Mar 3, AM in response to crndavid3 In response to crndavid3 Ok The Entries you made in Allow Specifics – were these made before you did the Now reset Allow Specifics and re-add the apps. User profile for user: Rob Cottingham Rob Cottingham. You sure? How about this time?

Thanks for the points PM Friday; March 28, User profile for user: Krakatos Krakatos. I had another problem entirely. The logic board on my MacBook Pro was replaced, and since I picked it up this afternoon, I was unable to connect to my Airport at home.

Start a new thread for a new topic. Should be so. The target of this feature is development on OSX, right? And most of the time development would be done only on the local machine, machine being most of the time a laptop. Even when working on replication or related things on a local machine, it is possible to simply pass the socket directory While this is a valid point, they’re actually working on fixing that. I can confirm that I do get the popup when starting an installed postmaster with the default settings.

Given that this doesn’t affect «make check» anymore, I’m unsure about this patch. There is a lot of magic in the configure change.

I don’t know what to pass as the configure option argument, so can’t really evaluate that. I’d like to see an explanation for what is done there. I’m afraid there is security ridicule potential. We are essentially adding an option to patch out an operating system security feature that the user chose. Some might find that neat and ship binaries built that way. Because it’s «–with-codesign» and not «–with-codesign-for-devel-dont-use-in-production».

Have we dug deep enough into the firewall configuration to evaluate other options? Can we, for example, exclude a port range? I could see adding this as a contrib script if we don’t find a better way.

As I said, I’d not written any docs. The argument that would get passed there is just a name identifying the signing certificate you want to use. Most of the documentation would be about how to create such a cert, no doubt. It’s pretty simple to make a self-signed cert using Apple’s keychain utility, but it would require some explanation.

Yeah, that would be a risk However, for the typical case of a self-signed certificate, nothing much would happen because no one else’s machine would even have the same certificate let alone trust it. Not that I’ve been able to detect. Any simple way to do that would presumably open up exactly the security hole Apple is trying to close, so I’d bet against there being one.

It is annoying that the firewall triggers on ports bound to It came with a boat load of plugins. Ever since I installed the UAD software it cause the plugins to get stuck on the screen and will not close or operate.

This problem is not limited to just the UAD plugins, it’s any plugin I may try to open. I can still access the plugin by clicking it and the same plugin will appear allowing me to make changes but the original instance of the plugin stays on the screen and the only way I can get it off the screen is by quitting Protools This is a drag. I’ve so far tried installing an older version of UAD software to fix but this has not helped. Any help you can provide would be great!

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Does Your Mac Really Need a Firewall? What You Need to Know

MacPro5,1 , six core 2 x , , Digital Performer , 40 gb ram, mkIII, mkII, MTP AV, Logic Pro X , Studio One v , Pro Tools. It is telling though, that DVD Studio Pro did not receive a significant update application to accept incoming network connections? Only quotes submitted electronically via the Electronic Commerce will be accepted. Details may be viewed on the Department of Interior’s Business.