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Logic Pro X Tutorial: How To Control Any Parameter | Your Local Musician – The 6 Best MIDI Controllers for Logic Pro X

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Above is a video detailing the way I use my midi controller to control Logic. Below I will explain how I set it up. Note: There are ways to automap but this is for a custom setup. The initial setup is more involved but in the end the setup fits my workflow better. Before connecting my midi controller to Logic at all, I programmed all the knobs, faders and buttons to undefined Midi Control Changes corresponding to similar numbers printed on my midi controller.

If you are familiar with Midi Control Change Messages skip this paragraph. Midi Control Changes correspond to similar actions across different instrument manufacturers..

In other words, Midi Control Change 64 is designated for sustain pedal. Any company who creates a Midi Controlled piano, will have the sustain of that piano be controlled by Midi CC A list of all the midi control change messages can be found on Midi.

Here is a picture of my Midi Controller, the M-Audio Oxygen 49, labeled how the Midi Control changes are mapped to the buttons, knobs and faders. There are 9 faders. The second fader, labeled C2, is control change , this is repeated for the other knobs and faders. Midi Control changes – are undefined. So I used them for the faders and knobs labeled C2-C17 on the keyboard and circled in red.

Similarly the buttons below, labeled in purple, are set to control changes , which are, for the most part, also undefined. I repeated that for all 10 presets. How I suggest you go about your custom set up is by starting to create music and as you use a command in Logic, add it to your Midi Keyboard where it makes sense to you. Adjust for preference. Not all options for controlling Logic are in the Key Commands and for that you will have to use Control Surfaces.

Step 5. Close the menu or Start from Step 2 and move something else like a pan or a send to set it up.



Logic pro x midi controller automation free download –


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Logic pro x midi controller automation free download –

Another really useful editor is the Event List that will display all forms of MIDI information in a text-based format. The way you set it up is via Logic ‘s Automation Quick Access feature, which is found in the Track Automation submenu of the main Options menu. Clicking on the small arrow on left-hand side of the track lane will create a parallel track which can be assigned to different MIDI CC parameter. Controlling the Phaser plug-in using Fader messages created in the Hyper Edit window. Likewise, any synth produced after will undoubtedly respond to CC messages, which provides a level of backwards compatibility that most could only dream of! 購入 Logic Pro. Added to wishlist Removed from wishlist 1.