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It is also possible to copy and paste keyframes in the Effects Editor. Version 15’s «Grab Video Frame» applet is straightforward and opens from a menu item, but in Avid, this function is hard to find. There’s no top menu leading to this function, and no entry in the Help index for «freeze» or «frame» or «grab» or «still».

The «snapshot» function in the Avid version was only under the Corrections tab in the Effects Editor, even though creating a Snapshot doesn’t change anything in the original clip. Don’t ask me to explain this! Pinnacle v. A still image may also be created by dragging the beginning or end of a clip past the start or finish of the original video take.

Once I knew what to call this function, I found information in the Help and the manual about grabbing a snapshot from a source clip. The snapshot from the camera icon saves automatically in Pinnacle Studio 16 and copies the exact image which appears at the playback head.

If you are still using Avid Studio or if you want to make use of special effects, follow the steps listed below and indicated in the image following the list. Unlike the «Grab Video Frame» command in Pinnacle version 15 or the timeline function in version 16, «Snapshot» in the Effects Editor extracts a still image from the video clip which you have opened — not from the Timeline.

That is useful if it is what you want, but if you want to create a still of a composed image such as a picture in picture, this is much easier to in either version of Pinnacle Studio than in Avid Studio, where you would have to recompose the image, copy it from an exported file or maybe from a «subproject» — a feature I haven’t explored yet.

The snapshot functions in the Effects Editor have their own Pan and Zoom commands, but I avoid these because they do not integrate with the ones used for video clips and in the timeline. Between keyframes or start and end locations, the Pan and Zoom function in the Snapshot dialog box in Avid Studio generates curves which reveal areas outside area of the start and end frames or keyframe locations. This can bring black borders or video from underlying tracks into your image.

Worse than that, the same parameters do not give you the same results for two consecutive keyframes. I wanted to zoom in on an image and then hold it at the same size. I was unable to do this by using the same settings for the second-to-last and last keyframes. I haven’t checked yet whether the same issues occur in Pinnacle Studio v. Once I have inserted a still image into the timeline, then I can used the integrated pan and zoom command, making it possible, for example, to match a freeze-frame to the video clip from which it was taken.

The «Snapshot» example is too typical. Explanations in the help and the manual often say to click on an icon without showing it. Commands are strewn around the screen; in many cases, the next step is not obvious. Many of the help screens have no graphics to show the icons, or to indicate where to click. Pinnacle version. I was able to make progress even when this happened, because of the priceless feature of resuming editing after a crash.

If Avid Studio, and its successor, Pinnacle Studio v. In Pinnacle v. In Avid, and Pinnacle v. A G clef could have any of a number of meanings. Again, you need to know the right words «Scorefitter», «Audio Creation tools» to look up the help on this topic — «Music» doesn’t get you there –, though in this case, the icon is shown in the Help. The lookups shouldn’t be necessary. The actual clicking and dragging is easier to use, once you have figured it out.

This is an improvement, because it avoids the need to readjust parameters if those of the previous keyframe have been changed. There are some odd, obsolete or off-topic items in the manual’s glossary in Avid, and in Pinnacle v.

A non-interlaced image most computer monitors flickers much less than an interlaced image most TVs. The manual needs a complete rewrite. I record voice-over narration while editing, usually one sentence at a time, and I often have to re-record a sentence several times before I get it right. I like to have controls which speed this process.

Oddly enough, Pinnacle Studio v. Step by step:. The recording dialog box stays open. Probably because, as with the Effects Editor, the recording function is an applet in its own dialog box rather than working directly in the timeline.

One thing about voice-over recording that is better than in Pinnacle v. This makes it easier to start speaking just as recording begins. In all versions, recording is delayed, resulting in silence at the start of a clip which must often be deleted in order to avoid unnaturally long gaps between clips.

You must also wait a moment to stop recording after you have finished talking, or else the end of your voice-over will be clipped off. Recording will overwrite and delete the start of the next clip, but you can drag the start of that clip to recover it.

This is an important reason to upgrade from Avid — whose overwrite mode doesn’t work for voice-overs. If you insert a new voice-over ahead of others, they all are pushed to later times. You can prevent the later clips from being moved in time by dragging them to a different track before your record ahead of them.

But if you forget to do one of these workarounds, every clip later in your voice-over track will have moved. In both Pinnacle versions and in Avid, voice-overs post promptly. In the supposedly very fast Cyberlink PowerDirector, by way of contrast, even the shortest voice-over takes 10 seconds to post on my Intel i5 machine. This behavior makes for very slow work. PowerDirector would be a topic for another article if I hadn’t given up on it in exasperation.

In Avid, I had trouble locating this feature. The same can happen after you upgrade from Pinnacle v. I opened the effects dialog box and didn’t find any way to use keyframes in an audio clip.

Another hunt through the help The same operations can also be accomplished with the Audio Mixer panel, which pops out to the right of the timeline header when you click its access button.

The location or appearance of neither the icon nor the button is shown in the Help. After a bit of a search, I found them. The audio mixer button is the one with a little bar graph, above the left end of the timeline. Audio keyframing is the button with the zigzag line, near the right end. So, audio keyframing is accessed differently from video keyframing, and maybe that’s necessary but it is unnecessarily confusing.

The mixer uses rotary controls, imitation knobs. Knobs are great to turn with fingers. Sliders are much easier to work with the mouse. But actually, the rotary knobs work like sliders if you mouse across the tops of them.

Even with volume keyframing turned on, the knob which is labeled «adjust volume at the current location in this clip» adjusts volume for the entire clip. You have to click and release on the audio track to create a keyframe.

Then you can drag to increase or decrease the volume. Actually, clicking first is better — it avoids creating unwanted volume handles, but still, this example shows how minor changes in the interface can lead to annoyance. These need to be robustly documented. Improvise on the fly with Blend Modes and choose how one clip blends with another—from creating a superimposed effect, to blending masked areas, or creating light bleeds or other color and exposure effects.

Each Blend Mode uses a different formula to combine the color and brightness values in a selected clip with the values in an underlying clip. Edit video across up to six cameras with MultiCam Editing to show a scene from various perspectives and with a different level of detail. Easily and seamlessly record your screen and capture webcam footage with enhanced MultiCam Capture 2. Add audio overlays to produce engaging tutorials, gaming videos, or to record webinars.

Leverage this go-to tool for vlogging, channel content creation, or business video production. Combine two or more videos filmed separately—on one screen. Use this popular technique to create promo videos or comparison videos, to show different gaming strategies or t o better illustrate any of your stories. Play with fun perspectives and 3D effects Tiny Planet, Rabbit Hole to bring entertaining moments to your films. Eliminate shaky footage altogether!

Whether it was captured while riding a bike or skiing the slopes, you can easily fix it with the Video Stabilization tool available inside Pinnacle Studio. Nowadays, Stop Motion Animation is a mainstream filmmaking tool. Support your digital storytelling with this amazing functionality that enables you to animate people and objects inside your productions. Explore built-in Lens Correction tools to remove lens distortion e.

Make your video more cinematic with the enhanced Title Editor. Leverage stylish 3D typography presets and tell your story your way. Import 8K videos and enjoy unrivaled quality content with significantly higher resolution, greater color, and incredible sound. Pinnacle Studio makes it simple to create movies and edit video like a pro.

Whether you are new to video editing, or already an experienced producer, there is a tier of Pinnacle Studio that is fully suited to your editing needs. Toggle navigation. Studio 26 Family Studio 26 Studio 26 Ultimate.

NEW Pinnacle Studio 26 Ultimate Pro-level video editing software for Windows Edit freely across unlimited tracks with complete control, precision, and the power of pro-caliber tools to transform your creative vision into cinema-grade productions. Buy Now. Toggle navigation Pinnacle Studio Ultimate. Create with inspiration.

Edit with Pinnacle. Full Marks To Amazon 5 Stars. I thought PS 15 was very usable and easy to learn – much like all the others; but this latest version from Corel is hopeless. Not only is it unnecessarily complex, it is visually poor. For example, when you click on a clip to highlight it, you have to strain to see the coloured line surrounding the clip to verify that it has been selected. To delete a gap in the timeline video clips on earlier versions was easy – right click on the gap and select delete and all clips to the right would move left to replace the gap.

On PS 17, it involves alt-ctrl keys and click-dragging etc that makes it all a pain. I could go on for hours. Believe me, I am working hard to get to grips with it, but I think I will cut my losses and try some other package.

Pinnacle Studio; never again. Having used and owned numerous versions of Pinnacle Studio over the years I can say that Studio 17 is without doubt the worst. I dont know this is the fact that its now owned by Coral as oppossed to Avid. I’m not going to claim that everything was perfect in the other versions, although Studio 15 HD was pretty good. Pat versions were often glitchy and prone to crashing until Pinnacle released its numerous patches.

However, what Studio had in there favour was pure simplicity of use, coupled with extensive functionality. What we have now is a system that has a bit more functionality but requires you to be a rocket scientist to use it. No longer the tool for this enthuisiastic amature. So long Pinnacle I’m going to have to find another product or reload my old Studio I tried to contact Corel with the phone number they provided for technical help «free» for the first 14 days only to find that the line was unobtainable.

Audio volume and mixing Anatomy of an audio clip Adjusting audio on the Timeline Transitions on the audio tracks The Volume and balance tool Stereo Echo Stereo Spread Output to disc media Output to file Output to tape Output your movie to videotape Output to the web Capture source settings Capture format settings Project preferences Video and audio preferences Make Disc settings Make File settings Make Real Media file settings Make tape settings Graphics card settings Studio and computer animation Technical help on-line Top support issues Errors or crashes during installation Studio crashes in Edit mode Studio hangs when rendering Studio hangs on launch or does not launch DVDs created by Studio do not play back, or appear blank.

Creating a shooting plan Rules of thumb for video editing Soundtrack production User s of other Studio. Pinnacle Studio continues to improve and provide new functionality for its users. A significant update is the introduction of the 16 blend modes , each of which can be keyframes. Blend modes provide substantial control over what effects you can add to your media. Blending is widely used in the film industry, and thus, having the opportunity to add these alongside the ability to fine-tune their appearance is a great boon to budding filmmakers.

Continuing this, multiple audio features have been added, primarily noise reduction and pitch scaling. Finally, the biggest change that will excite everyone that uses masking; smart object masking.

Smart object masking mitigates the need to consistently remask an object as time progresses – as is the case with manual masking. Instead, Pinnacle Studio 25 will register your initial masking, and with this new technology, will recognize where that masked area is on the screen and retain the masking. Unfortunately, nothing is perfect. While the update will help retain your masking selection automatically, it may not work for complex videos or for masking areas that are smaller in size, requiring manual alterations and quality assurance checks.

Pinnacle Studio 25 retains its easy-to-use interface , making many editors feel at home. Once you enter a clip’s properties , you’ll find the editing section overlays onto the imports section, effectively doubling up the space and allowing for easier editing. Keyboard shortcuts also provide efficient means for comfortable editors to find the function they need at the press of a button.

Effects and tools can be located around the media section. Those familiar with editing will find standard tools available to edit their timeline. Similarly, transitions, themes, audio files, and more can be found within the effects.

The effects area might be intimidating for beginners, but pros should be able to find what they need without trouble.



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