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Last November, we announced the limited preview of Office Connectors, a brand new experience that delivers relevant interactive content and updates from popular apps and services to Office Groups. We are now bringing this experience to you, our Office customers. Whether you are нажмите сюда a Twitter feed, managing a project with Trello or watching the latest news headlines with Bing—Office Connectors surfaces all the information you care about in the Office Groups shared inbox, so you can easily collaborate with others and interact with the updates as they happen.

Office Groups is a service that enables teams to come together and get work done by establishing a single team identity and a single set of permissions across Office apps. Setting up an Office Group automatically creates a shared inbox, calendar, notebook and files. For microsoft office 2016 product key reddit free, a product lead using the UserVoice connector can help her entire team track the latest microsoft office 2016 product key reddit free on a new product launched in market.

You can then choose to share перейти на страницу discuss on the message with your team or take action with a few simple clicks. Over 50 Office Connectors are available today, spanning popular applications across productivity, news sources, HR systems, sales, project management, marketing automation, entertainment, eLearning, developer tools and many more. We are also working with many other partners to enable additional connectors that will be made available soon.

In addition to the current Groups inbox integration, we plan to bring Office Connectors to the Outlook inbox for individual users to leverage and over time /27977.txt other experiences across Office If your organization already has Officeyou can use Outlook, Outlook on the web or the Outlook Groups mobile app to start using Office Connectors. Office Connectors are currently available for First Release customers and in the process of being rolled out for generally availability shortly.

Office Connectors can be added and configured from Outlook on the web by navigating to your Group and clicking Connectors on the navigation bar. Find the connector you like, click Add and follow the instructions to set up the connector. Office Connectors work with the Office Groups shared inbox, which requires an Office work or school account. Learn more about Office Connectors here. Members of the product engineering team will be on hand to answer f1 pc game questions.

It provides the opportunity for the community to ask questions and have a discussion with a panel of internal Microsoft experts on a particular topic. On Thursday, April 19, sign in at 10 a. GT to ask microsoft office 2016 product key reddit free, follow the discussions and connect with Microsoft team members.

Skip to main content. March 25, Small business. When will Office Connectors be generally available? How do I add a connector for my Group? What is the minimum requirement for using Office Connectors? Where can I go to learn more about the Office Connectors? All requests will be approved as quickly as possible. Join the Office Groups group. You can find it by using the Browse Groups function or through the search bar.


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Aug 03,  · Click I have a product key link. Then you can enter your product key to activate your Microsoft Office product. After the activation, you can see a “Product Activated” message along with the Office edition on the Account page. 2. If you haven’t installed Office. Mar 25,  · A. Office Connectors work with the Office Groups shared inbox, which requires an Office work or school account. The experience is available on Outlook and Outlook Web App, and support is coming soon to the Groups mobile app for iOS and Android. Q. Where can I go to learn more about the Office Connectors? Copy and paste this code into your website. Your Link .


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Microsoft Surface is a series of touchscreen -based personal computers , tablets and interactive whiteboards designed and developed by Microsoft , running the Microsoft Windows operating system , apart from the Surface Duo , which runs on Android. The devices are manufactured by original equipment manufacturers, including Pegatron , and are designed to be premium devices that set examples to Windows OEMs.

Surface was the first major initiative by Microsoft to integrate its Windows operating system with its own hardware, and is the first PC designed and distributed solely by Microsoft. Sinofsky initially stated that pricing for the first Surface would be comparable to other ARM devices and pricing for Surface Pro would be comparable to current ultrabooks. In November , Ballmer described the distribution approach to Surface as «modest» [24] and on November 29 of that year, Microsoft revealed the pricing for the 64 GB and GB versions of Surface with Windows 8 Pro.

Though there was less demand for the 64GB version because of the much smaller available storage capacity, supplies of the lower cost unit were almost as tight. The following year, on March 30, , it announced the Surface 3 , a more compact version of the Surface Pro 3. Reports suggest this may be a consequence of Intel discontinuing the Broxton iteration of the Atom processor.

Immediately following the announcement of the Surface Laptop at the MicrosoftEDU event on May 2, , and the Microsoft Build developer conference, Microsoft announced the fifth-generation Surface Pro at a special event in Shanghai on May 23, On May 15, , Microsoft announced the Surface Hub 2, featuring a new rotating hinge and the ability to link multiple Hubs together. Microsoft also teased upcoming products: the Surface Neo, a dual screen tablet originally planned to run Windows 10X; and the Surface Duo, a dual screen mobile phone that runs Android.

Both products were initially announced to be released in , though reports suggest the release of the Surface Neo will be delayed until The second generation Surface 2 added an Nvidia Tegra 4. With the release of the Surface 3, Microsoft switched the Surface line to the Intel x64 architecture, the same architecture found in the Surface Pro line. Surface 3 uses the Braswell Atom X7 processor. The Surface devices are released in six internal storage capacities: 32, 64, , , GB and 1 TB.

With the release of the third generation, the 32 GB model was discontinued. The exterior of the earlier generations of Surface tablet, Pro, and Pro 2 is made of VaporMg magnesium alloy giving a semi-glossy black durable finish that Microsoft calls «dark titanium». The Surface and Surface Pro lines feature a kickstand which flips out from the back of the device to prop it up, allowing the device to be stood up at an angle hands-free.

According to Microsoft, this is great for watching movies, video chatting, and typing documents. According to some reviewers, this kickstand is uncomfortable to use in one’s lap and means the device won’t fit on shallow desks.

The second generation added a 55 degrees angle position which according to Microsoft makes the device more comfortable to type on the lap. The Surface 3 features three angle positions: 22, 44, and 60 degrees. The Surface Pro 3 is the first device to have a continuous kickstand that can be set at any angles between 22 and degrees. With the fifth-generation Surface Pro, Microsoft added an additional 15 degrees of rotation to the hinge bringing the widest possible angle to degrees, or what Microsoft calls «Studio Mode».

On October 6, , Microsoft unveiled the Surface Book , a 2-in-1 detachable with a mechanically attached, durable hardware keyboard. It became the first Surface device to be marketed as a laptop instead of a tablet. The device has a teardrop design. On October 26, , Microsoft unveiled an additional configuration, called the Surface Book with Performance Base, which has an upgraded processor and a longer battery life.

The second generation Surface Book 2 was announced on October 17, , introducing an upgraded ceramic hinge for stability, and lighter overall weight distribution. A inch model was added to the line. On May 6, , the third generation Surface Book 3 was announced, featuring 10th-generation Intel processors, improved battery life, and faster SSD storage.

The device comes with the newly announced Windows 10 S operating system, which enables faster boot times at the expense of the ability to download and install programs from the web instead of the Microsoft Store. Users can switch to a fully enabled version of Windows 10 for free. All its components, including the processor and a surround-sound system, are located in a compact base on which the screen is mounted upon via a flexible, four-point hinge.

The design allows the screen to fold down to a degree angle for physical interaction with the user. On January 21, , Microsoft introduced a new device category under the Surface family: the Surface Hub. It is an inch Hz 4K or inch p multi-touch , multi-pen, wall-mounted all-in-one device, aimed for collaboration and videoconferencing use of businesses.

The device runs a variant of the Windows 10 operating system. On October 2, , Microsoft unveiled the Surface Neo, an upcoming dual-screen tablet. The device is a folio with two 9-inch displays that can be used in various configurations «postures» , including a laptop-like form where a Bluetooth keyboard is attached to the bottom screen. Depending on its position, the remainder of the touchscreen can be used for different features; the keyboard can be attached at the top to use the bottom as a touchpad , or at the bottom to display a special area above the keyboard the «wonderbar» , which can house tools such as emojis.

The device was originally planned to run a new Windows 10 edition known as Windows 10X , which was designed specifically for this class of devices. However, Microsoft eventually discontinued Windows 10X. At this time, it is unknown which version of Windows it will run. It is possible it may run Windows Alongside the Surface Neo, Microsoft also unveiled the Surface Duo, a dual-screen Android mobile device with a similar design. However, there were several major updates made available after its initial release that include Windows RT 8.

These older, ARM-based models of Surface are not compatible with Windows 10, but received several new features including a new Start menu similar to that found in early preview builds of Windows From Surface Pro 4 and onward, all Surface devices support Windows Hello facial biometric authentication out of the box through its cameras and IR-sensors.

Prior to the release of Windows 10, on Surface Pro 3 Microsoft made the Surface Hub app available, which allowed the adjustment of Pen pressure sensitivity and button functions. Additionally, toggles to control sound quality and to disable the capacitive Windows button on the Surface 3 and Pro 3 devices were included.

With Surface Pro 3 and the Surface Pen based on N-Trig technology, Microsoft added the capability to launch OneNote from the lock screen without logging in by pressing the purple button at the top of the pen. One such function is to launch OneNote with the press of the top button of the Surface Pro 4 pen. There are two main versions of the keyboard covers that connect via the Accessory Spine on the Surface tablets. The now discontinued Touch Cover, and the ever-evolving Type Cover. They feature a multi-touch touchpad, and a full QWERTY keyboard with pre-defined action keys in place of the function row, though the function row is still accessible via the function button.

The covers are made of various soft-touch materials and connect to the Surface with a polycarbonate spine with pogo pins. Microsoft sells the Surface Pen, an active-digitizer pen, separate of Surface, but included it in all Surface tablets until the fifth-generation Surface Pro where it was removed.

In , Microsoft announced that they were going to design other covers for the Surface accessory spine code named «blades» [78] based on the Touch Cover 2’s sensors. In October , Microsoft aired its first commercial , directed by Jon Chu , for the Surface product line. The first second commercial is the Surface Movement which focus on Windows RT version of the first generation of Surface with detachable keyboard and kickstand.

As part of the partnership, special, ruggedized Surface Pro 2 devices were issued to teams for use on the sidelines, allowing coaches and players view and annotate footage of previous plays.

The partnership was initially hampered by television commentators, who erroneously referred to the devices as being an «iPad» on several occasions. Microsoft has since stated that it «coached» commentators on properly referring to the devices on-air. It includes a group of artists from around the world that utilizes various Surface devices, such as the Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book, to create a total of 17 murals.

The artists are filmed using their Surface devices and explain how they integrate Surface into their workflow. The final products are then posted to YouTube that accompanies a post on the Microsoft Devices blog. Surface Book, Surface Pro 4, Surface Pro 3, and Surface 3 have all been approved as Multifunction Mobile Devices, thus meeting the necessary requirements for security and compatibility with other systems.

Reviews of the first-generation Surface RT by critics ranged broadly. The hardware received mostly positive reviews, while the software and overall experience were mixed. Gizmodo mentioned issues such as the high price tag and described it as similar but inferior to the iPad , but also praised the hardware saying, «You’ll appreciate it every time you pick it up and turn it on.

It’s a simple, joyful experience. The Surface Pro 3 garnered positive reviewers. David Pogue suggested «The upshot is that, with hardly any thickness or weight penalty, the kickstand and the Type Cover let you transform your 1. Pogue said that the Surface Pro 3’s form factor works well as a tablet, in contrast to the Surface Pro 2, whose bulk and weight limited its appeal as a tablet.

Pogue also stated that the new multi-stage kickstand, screen aspect ratio, and new Type Cover 3 detachable keyboard made it a competent laptop. Another advantage of the Surface Pro 3 is that it is considered a tablet by the FAA and TSA , despite its hardware which makes it capable of running all x86 Windows programs. This is advantageous in air travel, since a tablet can be used during takeoff or landing, and a tablet can be left in a bag when going through a TSA scanner machine, neither of which apply to a laptop.

The Surface 3 non-Pro received generally positive reviews from computer critics. Most noted a well designed chassis and accessories produced of quality materials, and overall premium feeling of use. While less powerful, the Surface 3 was a lighter and cheaper alternative to the Surface Pro 3. More importantly, the Surface 3 could compete at the high-end of Android and iPad tablets, with the advantage of being a device running a full desktop OS instead of a mobile OS for a similar price.

When Surface was first announced, critics noted that the device represented a significant departure for Microsoft, as the company had previously relied exclusively on third-party OEMs to produce devices running Windows, and began shifting towards a first-party hardware model with similarities to that of Apple.

Original equipment manufacturers OEMs , whose products have traditionally run Microsoft operating systems, have had positive responses to the release of Surface. John Solomon, senior vice president of HP, said that «Microsoft was basically making a leadership statement and showing what’s possible in the tablet space».

However, others believe that OEMs were left sidelined by the perception that Microsoft’s new tablet would replace their products. Peter Bright of Ars Technica argued that Windows RT had no clear purpose, since the power advantage of ARM-based devices was «nowhere near as clear-cut as it was two years ago», and that users would be better off purchasing Office themselves because of the removed features and licensing restrictions of Office RT.

Sales of the first generation Surface did not meet Microsoft’s expectations, which led to price reductions and other sales incentives. In July , Steve Ballmer revealed that the Surface hasn’t sold as well as he hoped. Several law firms sued Microsoft, accusing the company of misleading shareholders about sales of the first-gen ARM based Surface tablet, calling it an «unmitigated disaster».

The poor sales of the ARM-based Surface tablet had been credited to the continuing market dominance of Microsoft’s competitors in the tablet market. Particularly, Apple’s iPad retained its dominance due its App store offering the most tablet-optimized applications.

Most OEMs opted to produce tablets running Google Android, which came in a wide variety of sizes and prices albeit with mixed success among most OEMs , and Google Play had the second-largest selection of tablet applications. By contrast there was a limited amount of software designed specifically for Surface’s operating system, Windows RT, the selection which was even weaker than Windows Phone.

Microsoft’s subsequent efforts have been focused upon refining the Surface Pro and making it a viable competitor in the premium ultra-mobile PC category, against other Ultrabooks and the MacBook Air , while discontinuing development of ARM-powered Surface devices as the Surface 3 non-Pro had an Intel x86 CPU albeit with lower performance than the Surface Pro 3.

The resultant Surface Pro 3 succeeded in garnering a great interest in the Surface line, making Surface business profitable for the first time in fiscal year Q1 Users on Microsoft’s support forum reported that some Touch Covers were splitting at the seam where it connects to the tablet, exposing its wiring.

A Microsoft spokesperson stated that the company was aware of the issue, and would offer free replacements for those who have been affected by the defect.