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How to force Netflix to stream in 4K on your computer

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Jul 24,  · I was able to install the Windows Store, install the HEVC codec ($) from the store and install the Netflix app (free) and the Dolby Access (free). The above combo has the Netflix app and Edge browser Netflix working for «4K» and Atmos. I put 4K in parantheses because we all know it’s heavily compressed. As is the audio. Aug 08,  · Windows播放Netflix 4K HDR 影片教學. 在來就可以直接透過 Windows 10 或新版系統,透過底下方式瀏覽 Netflix 串流平台,比較推薦可以使用 Netflix App 會更方便,當然用 Edge 瀏覽器也有好處,可以瀏覽 Netflix 最新熱門影片。 Windows 內建 Edge 瀏覽器; . Mar 21,  · If you’re not sure whether your display is 4K, here’s how to check it: Open the Start menu and press the gear icon to access “Settings.”. Press “System.”. Go to .


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Since Netflix doesn’t support Windows 7 or 8, you’ll need Windows 10 to stream in 4K. Ensure you’ve updated the system before trying to play. If you are using Windows 10 to watch Netflix, you need to use Windows 10 Netflix App which allows you to watch videos in 4K resolution. Netflix 4K system requirements · Compatible 60Hz 4K TV or display that supports HDCP · 25Mbps or higher internet connection · Microsoft Edge for.