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The good news is that applications are rapidly updating to support native new processors, while software such as Parallels will make up for some of the lack of Windows. Parallels software company recently released a technical demo of the Parallels 16, which is compatible with Mac computers running the M1 processor and performs surprisingly well.

In other words, it certainly can not be considered a complete replacement for the native version or boot camp of Windows 10 based on x86, for example, bit programs will be completely unusable during startup, and evidence shows that the suspension and resumption of the virtual machine VM Will not be possible. In addition, when using the virtual machine, it is not possible to use the close button and instead the virtual machine must be turned off completely.

As soon as the software is installed, Parallels uses technical previews to show users more details about running an ARM-based virtual machine. Here are the steps you should take to download and run this software:. In the next step, click on the Options tab and select More Options, and in the drop-down box next to Time Sync, select the Do Not Sync option to disable this feature, and finally exit the opened windows. For more information on adding a bit program simulator to Windows 10 based on the ARM, you can refer to the Microsoft blog post at this link.

To increase core allocation, turn off the Windows, click the Action section in the menu bar, and select Config. Finally close the config window and restart the virtual machine. Once in desktop mode, you can emulate programs based on arm64 instructions and x86 and x64 programs; Unfortunately, as mentioned earlier, bit ARM programs, including Skype and the Windows App Store, still do not work, and launching these programs will cause them to crash.

On the other hand, programs such as Microsoft Edge and other native arm64 programs run relatively well. I downloaded the Steam app and tested the Rocket League game to gauge its performance. The gaming experience was not perfect and certainly did not run at 60 frames per second; But at least it was playable.

I can also use this software to watch 4K videos and content through the Microsoft Edge browser on YouTube, and use the Affinity Photo software to edit photos and much more. In general, I was impressed by the consistency and smoothness of the animations and the performance of this software in the initial run of the game.

Given that I had dedicated four processing cores to the virtual machine and was working with half of the system resources, the geek benchmark scores were relatively impressive.

Running or installing Windows on Parallels software on Apple Silicon processors will by no means be perfect; But the results show that it is much better than previously thought and may improve with subsequent updates. If there is a specific program in Windows that you want to run, you may be surprised by the results in the software.

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