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With over playable characters and higher sales revenue than even Star Wars, the Pokemon franchise has built a legacy to put classic books to shame. Players return year after year to shell out dozens of dollars on some of the most creative RPGs Nintendo has to offer. But just like eating sushi every day, you can’t keep coming back to the core series Pokemon games without getting tired of it. No matter how often leveling up and catching new friends to train for carnage sends dopamine through your reward pathway, you’re bound to seek a new challenge.

In fact, the first entry on our list is a little bit of both, by the name of PokeMMO is a free multiplayer adaptation of the Pokemon franchise. It covers the first five regions introduced – Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova – faithfully extracted from copies of the original games.

While you get to explore all five regions and begin playing from anywhere you want, there’s a catch – you can’t leave said region without completing its core story. Some fans agree that the series doesn’t feel the same in their adulthood without healthily approaching the competitive scene. The catch is that since this game runs on ROMs, players are expected to extract the files from the original games’ copies before playing.

Today, the games included in PokeMMO are often expensive, living up to their franchise’s worth. Regardless, this should serve as a treat for all Pokemon fans. Mom would hate this one. Note: this fangame contains mature content unsuitable for children and satirical humor with the potential to offend sensitive players. Like the original game, Clover contains Pokemon to catch.

All of these are original creations. Completionists can find over hours of quality content, starting in the Fochun region and ending in the Ebin Isles. Legendary-worshiping cults roam the region, often killing for their mission. The game offers varied difficulty levels, character customization, secret bases, fan-made Pokemon forms, new items, and postgame content to keep completionists busy.

Combat is based on the mechanics from Generation VI, with minor tweaks. Like the official franchise, Insurgence boasts over Pokemon to choose from. While the first are near-perfect recreations of the species from Generation I through VI, the last are alternate forms including Delta Pokemon, with different types and stats. Even the infamous Arbok scene is faithfully recreated. In terms of gameplay, the Red Chapter boasts four playable characters with portraits corresponding to their dialogue, quality-of-life changes from games released after FireRed, multiple regions to explore, a boosted level cap, a stat analyzer, and Pokemon fusions.

Once again, please note that Gamers Decide does not endorse piracy and condones homebrew ROM dumping for those who own the original copies of the games. Currently, the game only adapts the world of Pokemon Gold and Silver to a first-person perspective, but the goal is to cover all future generations of the franchise.

Like Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, the game itself is a largely faithful recreation of its inspiration, for the sake of nostalgia. The Byxbysion Wasteland – and this is all just one big map.

Reborn is set in a region plagued with decay. Black smog and acid rain hint at severe climate change. The general population lives in fear of unregulated crime and nostalgia for past prosperity.

Reborn combines the third-Generation aesthetic with the gameplay content of the rest of the series up to Generation VII, including the more recent Field Effects.

Players can obtain every available Pokemon, battle at 18 gyms, and find even more fresh content over 55 hours. Pokemon Team Turbo is a racing game with six courses and five minigames.

Players may participate in these races using one of 20 playable Pokemon or participate in minigames to earn power-ups for use in the races. Unlike the other games on this list, this one is an official racing spinoff rather than a fan-made RPG. The six courses include little quirks not typically seen in other racing games.

This hack utilizes the Complete FireRed Upgrade, a set of hacker tools to update the FireRed ruleset to more modern standards. Unbound includes Pokemon from the first seven generations and all their moves and abilities. It also includes over 75 missions, a feature not common to the main Pokemon series but occasionally seen in spinoffs, allowing players enough content to procrastinate completing the storyline.

Pokemon Uranium, like Clover, features mostly fan-made Pokemon species across the Tandor region, in which the player character participates in the traditional eight-gym adventure repeated in almost every generation of the series. Initially, the game would have included multiplayer features like the beloved Global Trade Station.

However, the game was unfortunately scrapped, as Nintendo would issue its creators a DMCA takedown notice. While the official game is gone, fans on the Internet have uploaded backup versions of the game to share.

Players may battle computers, or each other, with the same card deck structure. Each game mode offers a different twist on the classic game. Trainer Challenge limits players to using themed decks, rewarded with booster packs. Versus Mode allows for more customization unless the Theme Mode is enabled, allowing for a more personalized experience with greater rewards.

What better way to top this list than with an official game made by the Pokemon Company? Skip to main content. Level up. Earn rewards. Your XP: 0. Updated: 10 Mar am. You’ll feel just like him once you’ve tried some of these out. BY: Sebastien Fortes. More on this topic: pokemon. I write, I play video games, and I listen to classic rock – wish I could do them all at the same time.

Gamer Since: Log in or register to post comments. More Top Stories. You fight an evil team, go through the gym leaders and eventually work your way to the Elite Four where you have to go through four straight battles and then face the champion. Hello all you fans of the Pokemon Trading Card Game and casual readers. Most of these decks were at one point or another at the top of their META and use grass type Pokemon as well as those nice green The Pokemon Trading Card Game thrives on the multitude of playable strategies.

While it is easy to zoom out and say that the only objective in Pokemon is to hit your opponent harder than they hit you, there is a lot more nuance Many Pokemon cards are capable of evolving. This is when you place a more powerful card over a designated Basic Pokemon.

When this happens, that card typically gains more attack potential and more HP, although you lose the How cute! How exciting! Thankfully, it’s also possible to do the same on Pokemon Go. Free Pokemon Giveaway at Gamestop. Gamestop will give away a powerful Pokemon starting May 15 From the starting date to June 5th, Gamestop locations will offer a code that grants players the opportunity to snag Lycanroc Midnight Form.

This Rock-type wolf is usually only available at night while playing Pokemon Moon version, so Pokemon has been loved by many for decades. But what are the absolute best games out there? Here is a list of the top ten games based on how popular and beloved they are by the Pokemon community. Most of these decks were at one point or another at the top of their META and use solid metal type Pokemon as well as the reliable But no doubt the most popular of these is the never-dying world of Collectible Card Games.

CCGs The unique Charizard is a huge part of the Pokemon community. I know I’m not the only one who thinks that his tale looks like ginger… Or maybe I’m just hungry. Pokemon cards come in many different types. Among those types are Trainer cards. And among those Trainer cards there are Item cards. These handy cards can be used as often as you like during your turn.

Pokemon may be the Sometimes we can’t go out for some complicated reasons, Where Did The Popularity Go? We all remember in the summer of when Pokemon Go was first released.

Mass groups of college and high school students were running around towns and cities trying to catch as many Pokemon as they could. Even adults and parents joined in their adventures Top 10 New Pokemon Games. The Pokemon Company is always working on and releasing new games, but what are the newest ones out and which ones are in the works?

Fans know that Pokemon games are released often and usually on multiple platforms in a given year. Out of all the games that have been released by the Pokemon This list takes into account the rules and bans effective after the release of the Evolving Skies set. And among those Trainer cards, there are Supporter cards.


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The game features a brand new feature, Pokemon-Amie. Download Here. This special kind of Evolution is called Mega Evolution. He may even challenge you to a battle from time to time. Download Full PC Game.


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Pokemon x and y game download is one of the best role-playing video games. It was released on 12 october It was developed by a game freak and. In Pokémon X and Y, you can pick from Chespin, Froakie, and Fennekin as you go on an epic Pokémon adventure that is all in glorious 3D thanks to the 3DS!