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Windows 10, version reached end of service on December 8, for devices running the Enterprise, Windows 10 1909 features free, IoT Enterprise, Home, or Pro editions. After December 8,these devices will no longer windows 10 1909 features free offered servicing stack updates. To continue receiving these updates, we recommend updating to the latest version of Windows For more information about these editions of Windows 10, versionsee here. Windows Server, version reached end of service on May 11, for devices running the Datacenter and Featufes editions.

After May 11,these devices will no longer be offered servicing stack updates. Featurss continue receiving these updates, we recommend updating to fetaures latest version of Windows Server. For more information about these editions of Windows Server, versionsee here. This update makes quality improvements featurres the servicing stack, which is the component that installs 1 updates.

Servicing stack reatures SSU makes sure that you have a robust and reliable servicing stack so that your devices can receive and install Microsoft updates. This update is available through Windows Update. It will be downloaded and installed automatically. To get the stand-alone package for this update, go to the Microsoft Update Windows 10 1909 features free website. Servicing stack updates SSUs make changes to how updates are installed and cannot be uninstalled from the device.

This update replaces the previously released update KB The English United States version of this software update windows 10 1909 features free files that have the attributes that are listed in the following tables. Servicing stack updates. The benefits of Windows 10 Dynamic Update.

Updating Windows 10 media with Dynamic Update packages. Learn about the terminology that Microsoft uses to describe featuures updates. Windows 10 More File name File version Date Time File size luainstall. Need more help? Expand your skills.

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– Microsoft begins the official rollout of Windows 10 | ZDNet


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Download Windows 10 Feature Update – Microsoft Q&A.What’s new in Windows 10, version – What’s new in Windows | Microsoft Docs


The Windows 10 Feature Update is around the corner and windows 10 1909 features free expected to be released sometime next week. Unlike previous Feature Updates, Windows 10codenamed 19H2, is more like a larger-than-normal cumulative update or service pack. It is clear that with this information, and other hints provided on Twitter, that Windows has a good chance of being released over the coming week.

While the Windows 10 Feature Update focuses on performance enhancements and bug fixes, there are some noticeable new features that we have outlined below. Microsoft windows 10 1909 features free been closely working with Amazon to improve Alexa experience on Windows 10 and Amazon has made it quite easy to use Alexa with your PC. The Alexa app for Windows 10 windows 10 1909 features free you to use the digital assistant completely hands-free and voice capabilities work even when the app is running in the background or foreground.

With Windows 10 versionMicrosoft will allow third-party digital assistants like Alexa to voice activate above the lock screen. In other words, Alexa will soon work above the lock screen – all you need to do is ask her. Windows 10 is also getting a new feature that will allow you to create calendar events directly from the taskbar. To create a new event from the taskbar, you have to:.

As we noted, Windows 10 version is technically a servicing update and some of the features are extremely windows 10 1909 features free. For example, Microsoft has updated the navigation pane on the Start menu to allow it to expand automatically when you drag your cursor over it or closer to the options like Settings cog icon. This will expand the left sidebar so you can see the title of each option as shown below.

The Notifications settings page has been updated with images showing representations of how notifications will be shown in ‘banner’ mode and in the ‘Action Center’.

Notifications page is getting another change that should help you find out most active notification senders. You will notice that Notifications are now sorted by most recently shown notification instead of the sender name in alphabetical order.

This will allow you to find windows 10 1909 features free most frequent notification sender, so you can turn off sounds or notifications for that particular app entirely. File Explorer has been updated with Windows Search windows 10 1909 features free and traditional indexed results will now also include your OneDrive content.

In theory, the battery of select PCs will struggle less after applying Windows windows 10 1909 features free version update. Autodesk autocad 2014 gratis has also implemented power efficiency improvements for PCs with certain processors. To provide better performance and reliability, we have implemented a rotation policy that distributes work more fairly among these favored cores.

For OEMs, a new change has been implemented that would significantly reduce inking office proofing tools german download free download across native apps. The latency will be determined on hardware capabilities of devices by default, which means the latency won’t be based on typical hardware configuration offered by the OS.

For OEMs and manufacturers, Windows 10 update windows 10 1909 features free additional debugging capabilities for newer Intel processors.

Microsoft May Patch Tuesday fixes 3 zero-days, 75 flaws. Microsoft PowerShell lets you track Windows Registry changes. Fake Windows 10 updates infect you with Magniber ransomware. Windows 10 KB update released with 26 bug fixes, improvements. I bought a «mini» pc with an atom processor just to watch game streaming, it cant even do that, CPU is blown out just on idle! I dont really like linux, but its lookin like i have no choice soon!

Check out Mint Mate But seriously, the first rule of any OS should be «don’t get in the way». If you open your notebook and first thing you see is something like «We are working on something, it might take several hours It’s worth taking a look into!

Massive bloat, thousands of bugs, 2 hour updates, stealing data, stealing your bandwidth, security options defaulting to off and reverting to windows 10 1909 features free without my say-so. Now they are releasing before they’ve even fixed And it looks like they finally released in 09 of 19 simply big game free for pc was due, not because was actually working. An absolute horror show meeting fewer and fewer users needs.

Shutup10 can help with maybe 60 important issues except updates. StopUpdates10 does stop updates. If you have antivirus and firewall you don’t need them weekly or monthly.

I’m dual boot now with Linux Mint – because what I really need is an actual operating system for an actual computer, with a browser and not much more.

It will take little more to push me over the edge and become Linux Mint only. I have never hated an OS so much as I do Windows Yes, even WinME can’t touch this hate. Anyway, do you use each of those third-party software recommendations you mentioned? Is there any clash or overstep between them? The only way to make Windows 10 manageable these days is firehosing it down with third-party OS tamers.

Yeah, I’d be happier if they’d forget the узнать больше geegaws and just focus of fixing all the defects in networking. The mind boggling amount of bloat was by biggest issue back when Win 10 was released and every 6 months i would try Windows 10 1909 features free 10 again to see if it was getting any better but nope it has become even worse.

It’s a complete no go, i actually love Linuxvirtually no bloat whatsoever and i grew out of the gaming phase when i hit 13 years old. It’s not mentioned here in the article, but also has forward and reverse delta updates. I have zero confidence in Win 10 Updates. It is a crapshoot lately and usually hours of troubleshooting to get systems running windows 10 1909 features free. MS needs a new kernel – Linux based.

I have 2 powershell scripts that help ease the pain of bloat ware. Just add anything you want to keep but this is how limited i have it. Driver support is better and better integrated with Windows Update.

Windows Update changes allow businesses to have a well tested OS as home users patch machines first which shouldn’t matter for minor issues and businesses can now easily delay feature and stability updates as they choose by policy «Windows Update for Business» as oppose to smaller businesses requiring WSUS which is never managed correctly and ends up being a «patchwork quilt» full of security holes and impossible to test for developers.

Early access allows developers to test against builds against their software before patches which is unheard of in previous versions. Now, with Autopilot and other Azure integrations, it’s easier than ever to have a computer come out of an OEM Box, put in your email address personal or corporate and have the appropriate apps, passwords, MFA, etc.

When Windows 10 was at about or so, and someone was having a problem with Windows 7 family as well my first step was to upgrade them to 10 remotely. I have had no complaints windows 10 1909 features free them.

OSaaS is a new concept and not fully mature yet but it was needed. Windows has joined the Linux consortium and allows the kernel to run native not in a VM simultaneously on the hardware level and the integrations are only getting better I never thought i’d see the day! If you break the «bloat» you break the benefit of having an Windows 10 1909 features free with telemetry data that fixes itself without you needing to spend hours to get your Linux windows 10 1909 features free just so.

Windows 10 1909 features free break it and then complain about it. Get an SSD and you’re laughing. I had a virus outbreak at a client site that no scanner detected Malwarebytes, Webroot, Avast, Defender, Etc. I sent the source to MS and within 24 hours they had Defender, and «cloud» antispam, sharepoint, onedrive, etc. No one else gave me that kind of attention or impact. I could give many other examples. I still don’t see why all the hate.

What other OS allows the amount of compatibility and Direct vendor management. Mac OS was a better «platform» in the past compatibility and other issues asidebut Since W10 it feels archaic. It is not perfect but they are running it on many millions of machines of countless configurations.

Also, as ofthere are way more questions for the paranoid take a look at the setup process. It is to an extent that even their MDM solution can’t location track like others as they get so much focus and blame for collecting info. Look at MS InTune v. Mobile Iron and the level windows 10 1909 features free info collected. Are they really that bad? Not a member yet?

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Alexa mockup. Mayank Parmar Mayank Parmar is journalist covering technology news, but with a strong focus on Microsoft and Windows related stories. He is always poking under the hood of Windows looking for the /78887.txt secrets to reveal.

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